Introducing the One-and-Only Hickory Nut!

Currently SOLD OUT of Hickory Nuts.

Thanks for a great 2018 season. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • I sold 31 orders for a total of 63 pounds.
  • I shipped to 20 different states
  • 1st repeat customer
  • 1st 3X customer
  • 5 lb ordered from Philly Wild Harvesting Meetup
  • I paid off all of our harvesting and processing tools
  • I cleared out 2017 and 2018 stock! Thanks for helping us sell out.
  • I discovered a happy grove of the ellusive Shellbark trees.
  • I mapped 300+ hickory trees in 2018
  • I received permission from 5 or 6 new property owners to harvest on their property

Lord willing, I’ll be back in the fall of 2019 to delight your taste buds with the incredible hickory nut!

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Hickory Nuts in a Basket

Hi, I’m Ryan and I am selling you the best tasting nut there is: the hickory nut.

Chef Odessa Piper said “They are the nobility of nuts, what the black truffle is to mushrooms.” I sure do agree with you Odessa. Hickory nuts are in a class unto themselves. I love hickory nuts so much that I want everyone to try them.

I just eat them totally raw. I crack them and pick at them until I have a huge pile. Then I just dump the pile into my mouth. Better than any nut in the grocery store!

If you can lightly roast them for fifteen minutes they taste even better yet! Eat them raw. Sprinkle them on your cup cakes. You can make a delicious milk from them. Use that to make a sweet hickory syrup. Oh man.

I sell only shagbark  and shellbark hickory nuts; which are the most prized of all hickory nuts. These hickory nuts were harvested in 2018 and 2017 (2017 are on sale!) from happy and wild trees in Adams County, Pennsylvania. I lovingly separate out the Grade A nuts. You can read more about the process here.    or watch my YouTube channel where I’m chronicling my experience harvesting, processing, and selling hickory nuts.

You can purchase by simply adding the nuts below (or in the shop) to your cart and checking out. You can pay with credit card, PayPal, Check, Money Order, or you can send me cash. 🙂

Call me at 610-910-9764 with questions or to place an order.

2018 Hickory Nuts Have Dropped!

Good news hickory nut lovers. I’ve been patrolling the woods looking for hickory nuts.  I’m happy to say it was a good year overall. I discovered a lot of new trees. All told I harvested a total of 51 lb of shagbark nuts and 8 lb of shellbark nuts. If you’ve never had a hickory nut I recommend you start with shagbarks. They are easier to crack and they taste amazing!

They are already selling fast, so get some before they are sold out for the year.

Click here to see the whole inventory

Delicious! Nutritious! Wild-Harvested! As organic as it gets! Hickory nuts!

Ben loves hickory nuts!

Shellbark (Kingnut) Hickory Nuts for Sale

shellbark hickory nut

I’m very excited to announce that I am now offering Shellbark Hickory nuts. In 2018 I discovered a very happy grove of them.

You want to talk about niche! Shellbarks are delicious and rare. They still have that hickory flavor, but they are sweeter and less “nutty” than shagbarks. In fact they sort-of taste like bananas (I wonder if it’s all the potassium?).

animated gif of shellbark hickory nuts in wire basket

In general the Shellbark hickory nuts are larger and have more nut meat.

They can be tough to crack though, so I recommend that you purchase these cracked from me (unless you have a black walnut cracker)

Shellbark trees are even more particular about where they grow than shagbarks. They really like to grow in the wet bottomlands. Because they are so rare I only got a total of 8 pounds this year. They are priced accordingly

Why do hickory nuts demand a premium price?

bowl full of cracked hickory nuts
  • They taste amazing. Like a cross between an English Walnut and Pecan
  • High in magnesium and iron
  • They are particular about where they grow (limestone)
  • They take up 25 years to fruit
  • The window of harvest is short
  • They are not commercially available
  • Harvest is manual and time consuming
  • Processing is manual and even more time consuming
  • You have to beat the squirrels!

Free 1/2 lb. Hickory Nuts to Bakers

If you are a baker I will send you one 1/2 pound of shelled hickory nuts for free. All you have to do is feature us in your blog post, website, or physical signage. Just contact us for your free hickory nuts!