Shagbark Hickory Nuts – Grade B – 2020


Delicious, nutritious Grade B SHAGBARK hickory nuts cracked (in the shells) or whole. Sold out of Grade A. Click for more info.



Delicious, nutritious Grade B SHAGBARK hickory nuts.

Grade B means that these hickory nuts floated when I did a float test. It’s like this. The ones that sink are guaranteed to be Grade A, perfect hickory nuts. Now the ones that float–Grade B–are not all bad. In fact I think 80% (or more) are still perfect, but that other 20% are rotten or undeveloped. I take my personal stash from these, so I know. It’s just that I can’t guarantee perfection. Now, if you order them cracked I’ll sift out the bad ones and still offer you the discount. How’s that for service!

  • Shagbarks are considered the finest of hickory nuts.
  • If you are new to hickory nuts. Then start here.
  • They are pretty easy to crack and they taste incredible.

I carefully weigh them to the proper weight*. Then I bag them up in a freezer bag.

I recommend buying Shagbarks whole and using the Texan York Nut Sheller.

Shagbark hickory nuts are relatively soft. When you run them through the cracker they get, for a lack of better words, pulverized. The small pieces of shells and nuts get mixed together and you will spend a lot of time trying to sort them.

These hickory nuts are shagbark hickory nuts harvested in Autumn 2020 from wild trees in Adams County, Pennsylvania.

*This weight includes shells. It is cost prohibitive to pick out all of the nuts. Plus, a big part of the fun of hickory nuts is picking the nuts and dumping a huge pile of amazingness into your mouth.

Introduction the One-and-Only Hickory Nut!
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