Shagbark Hickory Nuts Grade B-2019


Delicious, nutritious Grade B SHAGBARK hickory nuts cracked (in the shells) or whole. Sold out of Grade A. Click for more info.



Delicious, nutritious Grade B SHAGBARK hickory nuts.

Grade B means that these hickory nuts floated when I did a float test. It’s like this. The ones that sink are guaranteed to be Grade A, perfect hickory nuts. Now the ones that float–Grade B–are not all bad. In fact I think 80% (or more) are still perfect, but that other 20% are rotten or undeveloped. I take my personal staff from these, so I know. It’s just that I can’t guarantee perfection. Now, if you order them cracked I’ll sift out the bad ones and still offer you the discount. How’s that for service!

  • Shagbarks are considered the finest of hickory nuts.
  • If you are new to hickory nuts. Then start here.
  • They are pretty easy to crack and they taste incredible.

I carefully weigh them to the proper weight*. Then I bag them up in a freezer bag.

*This weight includes shells. It is cost prohibitive to pick out all of the nuts. Plus, a big part of the fun of hickory nuts is picking the nuts and dumping a huge pile of amazingness into your mouth.

These hickory nuts are shagbark hickory nuts harvested in Autumn 2019 from wild trees in Adams County, Pennsylvania. They are just hitting their prime as of 2/7/20.

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    Cracked, Whole


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