Sweet Pignut Hickory Nuts – Grade A – 2020


Extremely rare Grade A SWEET PIGNUT (Carya Ovalis) hickory nuts.



Extremely rare Grade A SWEET PIGNUT (Carya Ovalis) (Red Hickory) hickory nuts cracked (not shelled).

  • If you like trying new things then I recommend Sweet Pignuts. They are delicious and rare. They are sweeter and less “nutty” than shagbarks. They taste similar to Shellbarks which taste like bananas.
  • Also known as Red Hickories or Pignut.
  • Some authorities don’t consider the Red Hickory (Carya ovalis) to be a species but an aborrent Pignut (Carya glabra).
  • In 2019 I discovered a ridiculously productive tree. This is the first Sweet Pignut tree I’ve ever found. Off of the one tree alone I got a total of 8 pounds. But those are the only Sweet Pignuts I got this year. Of course, they are priced accordingly. These are probably the only Sweet Pignut Hickory Nuts you could find.

I RECOMMEND BUYING SWEET PIGNUTS CRACKED. Sweet Pignuts (Red Hickory Nuts) have thick, hard shells. They are much more difficult to crack than Shagbarks; they are almost impossible with a hand cracker or Texan York Sheller.

If you want to crack them yourself you will need a black walnut cracker. Either way you will need some picks.


These hickory nuts are Sweet Pignut hickory nuts harvested in October 2020 from a wild tree in south, central Pennsylvania (Adams County)

Introduction the One-and-Only Hickory Nut!
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Sweet Pignut Hickory Nuts
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