Do you want to sell your hickory nuts?

Do you have shagbark or shellbark hickory trees on your property?

Do you want to clean your yard and convert the nuts into money?

Do you live in Adams County, PA?

If you answered yes to these questions then…

I will buy your hickory nuts!

Up to $9/lb

What kind of hickory nuts will I buy?

I’m looking for shagbark and shellbark hickory nuts. If the bark of your tree is shaggy then I will buy your nuts!

The other edible types of hickory nuts are Sweet Pignuts. They are very rare. If you have another type of hickory tree, then take a picture of the nut, bark, and leaves (if possible) and email me.

If your trees look like this, with shaggy bark, then I will definitely buy your hickory nuts!


The price varies depending on quality of the hickory nuts. In order to determine the quality the nuts must be float tested. It’s simple to conduct a float test. Just put the hickory nuts in a bucket of water. The Grade A nuts will sink. The Grade B nuts will float.

Grade A (Everything that sinks in float test)$7/lb
Grade B (Everything that floats in float test)$4/lb
Not float tested$5/lb
If you bring the nuts to me+$2/lb

To make it worth my time I require a minimum of five pounds for pickup.

Drop Off Location

If you bring the nuts to me I will add $2 to every pound. You can bring the hickory nuts to 3255 Bullfrog Rd, Fairfield, PA 17320.